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About Us

Sealed Enclosures opened for business in 2003 with a mission to supply underwater housings to companies worldwide, not only cylinders, but more convenient rectangular housings, that would be suitable for shallow water and made from a durable polymer providing long life and minimum weight..
These intentions were met with a rigid polyurethane housing called a Sea Chest. This housing has since proved itself in many offshore applications for customers predominantly oil and gas, but also with organisations in the Oceanographic and Military Community. The Sea Chest is now the largest member of a family of non metallic housings, the smallest being the Fox Box.
Our Resources

  • A willing ear – To understand exactly what is required.
  • Design – Backed up by twenty years experience and the high end solid modeling package Pro-Engineer.
  • Structural Analysis – using Pro-Mechanica we verify that the design will withstand the pressure load.
  • Manufacture – CNC equipment operated by Toolroom trained personel.
  • Pressure Test – By default all housings are vacuum tested for leaks. Hydrostatic testing is available for critical applications and proving new designs.